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Reducing the complexity of analysing physical performance in professional sport

Project Member(s): Fransen, J., Watsford, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Sydney Swans Limited (Sydney Swans Football Club Partnership Fund)
Sydney Swans Limited (Sydney Swans Football Club Partnership Fund)

Start year: 2020

Summary: There are many factors that contribute to performance output in professional sport. These typically revolve around the physical, technical and tactical requirements of match-play. Traditional analysis methods examine specific variables, however, when considering physical outputs there are >100 measurements that may be relevant. Since it is important for practitioners to use the most relevant variables for analysis while avoiding the omission of the contributions of other aspects of performance, this project will reduce the complexity of analysing physical performance in sport through the use of a principal components analysis. It is anticipated that 3-5 primary constructs will be formed from the plethora of data available, improving the interpretability of this information for practitioners. This project will continue the preliminary work on the analysis of football performance undertaken in 2019 which examined the reduction of complexity associated with tactical aspects of match-play.


Sheehan, WB, Tribolet, R, Spurrs, R, Fransen, J, Novak, AR & Watsford, ML 2020, 'Simplifying the complexity of assessing physical performance in professional Australian football', Science and Medicine in Football.
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Sheehan, WB, Tribolet, R, Watsford, ML, Novak, AR, Rennie, M & Fransen, J 2020, 'Improving the interpretation of skill indicators in professional Australian Football.', Journal of science and medicine in sport, vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 872-878.
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FOR Codes: Human Movement and Sports Science not elsewhere classified, Organised Sports