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APO/UTS-Guidance for APO member Governments On How To Optimally Deal With The Advancement Of Digital Technologies Through Their Policy Intervention To Maximise The Benefits For The Whole Country(Project title in current extension agreement: Research on Measuring the Institutional Capacity of Key Productivity-Promoting Institutions in Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) members)

Project Member(s): Burdon, S., Clegg, S., Bajada, C., Kang, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: ASIAN PRODUCTIVITY ORGANIZATION

Start year: 2020

Summary: The accelerating advancement of digital technologies are spawning myriad opportunities, both socially and economically. This research project through macro-analysis will explore which policies and regulation will maximise the economic benefits for the whole country. In addition new policies will be identified from the research. A seminar will be conducted in the country of one of the APO members to launch the research paper. In particular, it will focus on initiatives that enhance productivity, economic growth and competitiveness in the APO’s 19-member economies.

FOR Codes: Industry economics and industrial organisation , Technology not elsewhere classified, Industry Economics and Industrial Organisation, Innovation and Technology Management, Expanding Knowledge in Economics, Expanding Knowledge in Technology, Innovation management, Technology management , EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE