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Digital simulation of the Rabi model quantum phase transition in circuit QED - Student: Fabio Henriques

Project Member(s): Langford, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Sydney Quantum Academy
Sydney Quantum Academy

Start year: 2020


Kargi, C, Dehollain, JP, Sieberer, LM, Henriques, F, Olsacher, T, Hauke, P, Heyl, M, Zoller, P & Langford, NK 2023, 'Quantum Chaos and Universal Trotterisation Behaviours in Digital Quantum Simulations', Quantum.
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Henriques, F, Dehollain, JP, Kargi, C, Puebla, R, Hwang, M-J, Plenio, MB, Scammell, H & Langford, NK, 'Experimental measures of critical dynamics in the Rabi model quantum phase transition'.

Kargi, C, Manatuly, A, Dehollain, JP, Di Lonardo, A, Gemisis, G, Srivipat, T, Cocking, D, Henriques, F & Langford, NK, 'QuanGuru - A Python package for numerical analyses of quantum systems'.

FOR Codes: Quantum Information, Computation and Communication, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in Engineering, Quantum information, computation and communication