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Social Media Use in Project Management – Multiple Case Studies of Transport Projects

Project Member(s): Ke, Y., Mathur, S., Sankaran, S., Tsang, W.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Project Governance and Controls Symposium
Project Governance and Controls Symposium

Start year: 2020

Summary: We propose to explore the opportunities that social media could offer to project managers at different stages of transport projects. The findings will improve the understanding of how project managers could use social media to enhance project performance. Transport infrastructure projects have been chosen for this study. We will design this project as multiple case studies. Data to be collected will be in two sets - social media data and project management data. A matching collection and analysis of the two sets of data will lead us to achieve the research objectives. The results will be consolidated in a structured approach for using social medial at different stages of a project.

FOR Codes: Building Construction Management and Project Planning, Rail Infrastructure and Networks, Civil Building Management and Services