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Developing a maximum benefit framework for urban plantings

Project Member(s): Murray, B., Murray, M., Webb, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Central Coast Council
Central Coast Council

Start year: 2020


Drew-Smythe, JJ, Davila, YC, McLean, CM, Hingee, MC, Murray, ML, Webb, JK, Krix, DW & Murray, BR 2023, 'Community perceptions of ecosystem services and disservices linked to urban tree plantings', Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, vol. 82, pp. 127870-127870.
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Murray, BR, Hawthorne, T, Curran, TJ, Krix, DW, Wallace, MI, Young, K, Murray, ML, Morley, E, Huber-Smith, N & Webb, JK 2023, 'Shoot flammability patterns among plant species of the wildland–urban interface in the fire-prone Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area', International Journal of Wildland Fire, vol. 32, no. 7, pp. 1119-1134.
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FOR Codes: Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity at Regional or Larger Scales, Natural Hazards in Forest and Woodlands Environments, Terrestrial Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity, Conservation and biodiversity , Terrestrial ecology , Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems, Terrestrial biodiversity