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Rapid Point of Care SARS-CoV2 Detection, using a sensitive saliva antigen screening test

Project Member(s): Alghalayini, A., Jin, D., Zhou, J., Shimoni, O., Wen, S., Ebrahimi Warkiani, M., Zhang, L., Liao, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre
Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre
Alcolizer Pty Ltd
Alcolizer Pty Ltd

Start year: 2020

Summary: This project aims to develop a point of care saliva test (the Oral Test Panel) for the COVID-19 virus that can detect virus antigens for symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects with a clinical sensitivity 2+ orders of magnitude greater LOD than LFIA sensors in the market and possibly down to a molecular level as shown in bench testing developed as part of ARC IDEAL hub funded work.

FOR Codes: Nanotechnology, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences