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Vegetation surveys for Scrub Turpentine in the Central Coast

Project Member(s): Murray, B., Webb, J., Murray, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Central Coast Council
Central Coast Council

Start year: 2021

Summary: Variation of end date and funding added 2/6/2021 Vegetation surveys of the native plant species Scrub Turpentine across suitable habitat in the Central Coast and determination of the extent of Myrtle Rust infection among multiple plant populations. The Research Project is expected to generate new knowledge by gaining an understanding of (1) the abundance and distribution of Rhodamnia rubescens in the region, (2) the severity of Myrtle Rust infection within populations and (3) the spatial factors underpinning variation in the severity of Myrtle Rust infection.

FOR Codes: Conservation and biodiversity , Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity at Regional or Larger Scales, Forest and Woodlands Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity, Natural Hazards in Forest and Woodlands Environments, Terrestrial Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity, Terrestrial ecology , Terrestrial biodiversity, Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems