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Investigating cyclic behaviour of lime treated clay- Project for the Inland Rail project from Narrabri to the North Star

Project Member(s): Fatahi, B., Sheng, D., Nguyen, L.

Funding or Partner Organisation: WSP AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED (WSP Australia Pty Ltd)

Start year: 2021

Summary: Mixing hydrated lime with clay is an established soil improvement technique that involves chemical interaction between soil particles and calcium hydroide (Ca(OH)2) in dry powder or slurry form. When hydrated lime is added to the clay, it chemically reacts with clay particles to form cementitious products which contribute to an increase in the soil strength, workability and compaction characteristics. A common practice in lime treated soil involves mixing hydrated lime onsite with soil. The key objective of thsi project is to investigate the performance of lime treated clay under cyclic loading.

FOR Codes: Civil geotechnical engineering , Civil Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Design