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Assessing the anti-inflammatory potential of various phytoconstituents encapsulated liquid crystalline nanoparticles as therapeutic intervention in asthma

Project Member(s): Dua, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Qassim University
Qassim University

Start year: 2021

Summary: Preliminary Data: Previously, (Dua, Chellappan et al., (2020), Celastrol-loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles as an anti-inflammatory intervention for the treatment of asthma, Int J Polym Mater Polym Biomater; Dua, Chellappan et al., (2019), Preparation, characterization and in-vitro efficacy of quercetin loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles for the treatment of asthma, J Drug Deliv Sci Technol) demonstrated the effectiveness of various phytoconstituents, when encapsulated in various nanocarriers in the treatment of asthma. We hypothesise that targeting phytoconstituents using an advanced drug delivery (liquid crystalline nanoparticles) approach will reduce inflammation in asthmatics. The various research objectives of our current proposed study include; OBJECTIVE 1: To formulate and characterise phytoconstituents loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles. OBJECTIVE 2: To evaluate anti-inflammatory responses to nanoparticles in already available human pBECs from asthma patients and healthy participants. OBJECTIVE 3: To perform in-silico molecular complexation profiling of nanoparticles via Static Lattice Atomistic Simulation.


De Rubis, G, Paudel, KR, Allam, VSRR, Malyla, V, Subramaniyan, V, Singh, SK, Panth, N, Gupta, G, Hansbro, PM, Chellappan, DK & Dua, K 2024, 'Involvement of osteopontin, EpCAM, estrogen receptor-alpha, and carbonic anhydrase IX protein in managing lung cancer via Berberine-loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles', Pathology - Research and Practice, vol. 253, pp. 154971-154971.
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Kazmi, I, Shaikh, MAJ, Afzal, O, Alfawaz Altamimi, AS, Almalki, WH, Alzarea, SI, Al-Abbasi, FA, Pandey, M, Dureja, H, Singh, SK, Dua, K & Gupta, G 2023, 'Chitosan-based nano drug delivery system for lung cancer', Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, vol. 81, pp. 104196-104196.
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Alnuqaydan, AM, Almutary, AG, Azam, M, Manandhar, B, De Rubis, G, Madheswaran, T, Paudel, KR, Hansbro, PM, Chellappan, DK & Dua, K, 'Phytantriol-Based Berberine-Loaded Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles Attenuate Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced RAW264.7 Macrophages', Nanomaterials, vol. 12, no. 23, pp. 4312-4312.
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FOR Codes: Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Human Pharmaceutical Products