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Low Temperature Far IR Spectroscopy of Water in Opal

Project Member(s): Thomas, P., Stuart, B.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Synchrotron Research Program (Australian Synchrotron Beamline)
Australian Synchrotron Research Program (Australian Synchrotron Beamline)

Start year: 2021

Summary: The investigation intends to characterise the water in opal using far-IR spectroscopy from 100 to 300K. Far-IR is known to be sensitive to the morphology and environment of the water. As opal contains a number of states of molecular water ranging from crystallisable water in voids and capillaries, to non-crystallisable surface adsorbed water and cage water, temperature dependent far-IR spectroscopy will help to deconvolve these types of water in two main classes of opal; opal-A, and opal-CT, further developing the understanding of this precious gem in particular in the context of formation and crazing in opal.

FOR Codes: Mineral Resources (excl. Energy Resources), Chemical Characterisation of Materials, Nanochemistry, Inorganic materials (incl. nanomaterials), Macromolecular materials, MINERAL RESOURCES (EXCL. ENERGY RESOURCES)