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Design and test the NSW Government CX Survey Master Questionnaire (BIDA)

Project Member(s): Massey, G., Eckert, C., Camilleri, A., Burke, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Department of Customer Service NSW (Department of Customer Service)
Department of Customer Service NSW (Department of Customer Service)

Start year: 2021

Summary: END DATE EXTENDED AS PER EMAIL IN CM. there is provision the project Item 3: ‘Completion upon delivery of services’ 29/06/2021 The NSW Department of Customer Service’s ‘Customer Experience Unit’ (CXU) implemented the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey (CSMS) in 2015. This survey has been conducted annually, with quarterly dips to track key metrics. The CXU has reviewed the CSMS survey and is seeking to develop a refreshed approach, specifically to; • understand how improved service delivery impacts the lives of the people of NSW. Our hypothesis is that if people are more satisfied this will correlate with an improvement in their subjective wellbeing and/or quality of life. • identify where government needs to focus to actively improve the wellbeing and quality of lives of the people of NSW . • optimise measurement of customer experience and satisfaction across a broad range of NSW Government services delivered by multiple departments and agencies . The insights from the CX survey will be used to inform investment decisions, policy development, and improved service design and delivery.

FOR Codes: Applied economics, Industry economics and industrial organisation , Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis, Industry Economics and Industrial Organisation