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A peptide-based adjuvant therapy to reduce the toxicity of Amphotericin B

Project Member(s): Deplazes, E.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Gilead Sciences Inc. (Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program)
Gilead Sciences Inc. (Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program)

Start year: 2021

Summary: Amphotericin B (AMB) remains one of the most effective treatment for invasive fungal infections. However, the drug’s toxicity causes severe side effect and is a major dose-limiting factor. This project aims to elucidate the lipid-dependent mechanism of a peptide that is highly synergistic with AMB. The projected results have the potential to enable the development of adjuvant therapies that will reduce the toxicity of AMB.

FOR Codes: Proteins and peptides, Characterisation of biological macromolecules, Structural biology (incl. macromolecular modelling), Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences