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Data Analytics for Albury and Wodonga Economic Zone

Project Member(s): Ou, Y., Wang, Y., Chen, F., Li, Z.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Albury City Council
Albury City Council

Start year: 2021

Summary: This project will be divided into 2 phases investigating whether current public supplies can meet the demand of population growth in terms of housing and public transport. The project scope includes the following four tasks. • Task1: data analytics for population growth, which is to investigate the relevant issues about population growth including the correlation between population growth with housing market and development, hot spot detection and development plan evaluation; • Task 2: data analytics for public transport connectivity, which is to analyse and evaluate public transport connectivity in terms of service supply and travel time; • Task 3: data analytics for residence attraction, which is to evaluate the indicator factors that are considered by people when they are making residence choices; • Task 4: web-based visualisation platform, which is to develop an interactive web platform visualising the analytics results generated by above tasks.

FOR Codes: Information systems development methodologies and practice, Data mining and knowledge discovery, Information Services not elsewhere classified, Information services