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Post-Bushfire Ecological Assessments of Threatened Flora in NSW

Project Member(s): Murray, B., Murray, M., Webb, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NSW Environmental Trusts (NSW Environmental Trust Research Grants)
NSW Environmental Trusts (NSW Environmental Trust Research Grants)

Start year: 2021

Summary: The 2019–2020 bushfires burnt an area of 5.3 M ha across NSW including critical habitat of threatened flora. There is a pressing need for on-the-ground information about the post-fire distribution, abundance and ecological condition of NSW’s threatened plant species. We will perform structured botanical surveys across the Central Tablelands and South Coast Botanical Subdivisions to survey 59 threatened plant species to comparatively assess the current status of these species to inform DPIE of recovery strategies and actions.

FOR Codes: Terrestrial ecology , Conservation and biodiversity , Fire ecology, Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity at Regional or Larger Scales, Natural Hazards in Forest and Woodlands Environments, Terrestrial biodiversity, Climatological hazards (e.g. extreme temperatures, drought and wildfires)