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Characterization of the phytoremediation potential of Ambius' Live Picture GO

Project Member(s): Torpy, F., Pettit, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Ambius Indoor Plants
Ambius Indoor Plants

Start year: 2021

Summary: Due to the complexity of indoor VOC mixtures (containing as many as 900 chemicals), many attempts have been made to separate and identify their constituents. Most methods used in the analysis of indoor plant VOC removal focus on a relatively small number of target analytes. Recently, solid-phase microextraction (SPME) has been developed to allow for rapid, solvent-free sample extraction and simultaneous concentration analysis that allows us to individually identify VOCs. To determine the Live Picture GO VOC removal capacity, gaseous VOCs will be generated and injected into testing chambers containing the Live Picture GO. The biodegradation of each gas over time will be monitored to ascertain VOC-specific removal efficiencies.


Matheson, S, Fleck, R, Lockwood, T, Gill, RL, Irga, PJ & Torpy, FR 2023, 'Fuelling phytoremediation: gasoline degradation by green wall systems—a case study', Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 30, no. 56, pp. 118545-118555.
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FOR Codes: Urban and Industrial Air Quality, Environmentally Sustainable Construction, Air pollution processes and air quality measurement, Environmental engineering, Bioremediation, Environmentally sustainable construction activities, Air quality