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Guidestars for Modular Quantum Computing (Rigetti, USC, Aalto)

Project Member(s): Devitt, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA Broad Agency Announcements)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA Broad Agency Announcements)

Start year: 2022

Summary: Rigetti Computing proposes project “Guidestars for Modular Quantum Computing” in response to DARPA BAA HR001121S0026 on Quantum Benchmarking. This project addresses Technical Area 2 (TA2) and leverages Rigetti’s seven years of experience designing and building superconducting quantum processors to bring realism and specificity to the process of benchmarking this class of quantum computing hardware. Together with a subawardee partnership, the University of Technology Sydney, Aalto University and the University of Southern California and our existing connections to industry partners such as Standard Chartered Bank, Rigetti brings the right skill mix at the right scale to succeed in TA2 and bring unique value to this Defense Science Office (DSO) program.

FOR Codes: Emerging Defence Technologies, Computer systems, National security, Quantum computation, Quantum information, computation and communication, Quantum technologies