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RACE Opportunity Assessment N3 - Local DER Network Solutions [21128]

Project Member(s): Dwyer, S., Roche, D., Guerrero Orbe, J., Langham, E., Khalilpour, K., Briggs, C., Hossain, J., Wright, S., Wilkinson, S., Li, L., Biloria, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Race for 2030 Limited (Race for 2030 Limited CRC)
Race for 2030 Limited (Race for 2030 Limited CRC)

Start year: 2022

Summary: This theme comprises two inter-related sub-themes: • N3a - Analysis for cost effective embedded and islanded microgrids. This sub-theme will develop economic and technical analysis to support cost effective adoption of islanded and embedded microgrids. This covers the full range of microgrids that operate autonomously or semi-autonomously from the main grid through to stand-alone microgrids (also known as Stand Alone Power Systems – SAPS, and Remote Area Power Systems – RAPS) Consumer benefits and participation and community engagement are also central to this sub-theme. • N3b - Storage as a Service - Distributed community batteries. This subtheme will analyse how, and in which contexts, community scale batteries on the low and medium voltage network can deliver outcomes superior to both large, centralised batteries and small household-scale batteries. It covers a range of benefits of community batteries across all parts of the supply chain (low voltage network, medium voltage network and sub-transmission, and transmission level and their operation and interaction with the large-scale generation fleet). In this context they provide potential benefits in areas such as voltage management as well as frequency support. Moreover, community storage interacts with both customers and other market participants through a range of regulatory constructs as well as business models. This sub-theme covers all these interactions while centrally positioning the consumer interest and perspective.


Wright, S & Dwyer, S Race for 2030 CRC 2022, Local DER Network Solutions. Opportunity Assessment in N3 for RACE for 2030, Perth, WA.

FOR Codes: ENERGY, Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems