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RACEforBusiness - B2 Opportunity Assessment: Industry 4.0 for energy productivity

Project Member(s): Trianni, A., Bennett, N., Hasan, A., Cantley-Smith, R., Katic, M., Lindsay, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Race for 2030 Limited (Race for 2030 Limited CRC)
Race for 2030 Limited (Race for 2030 Limited CRC)

Start year: 2022

Summary: Industry 4.0 is shorthand for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It involves advanced data collection, communication, analysis technologies, and intelligent application of information to deliver practical outcomes that deliver improved services to consumers and new value adding services to provider offerings. I4.0 can operate from a micro-level within a process, across an entire plant, or across an entire supply chain or value chain (ie supply chain plus end consumer). Without a conscious focus on energy productivity, I4.0 may fail to capture maximum energy-related benefits. Hence, RACE has a potential niche to increase the focus of I4.0 innovation on energy factors. Also, industry 4.0 can help unveil a full spectrum of potential productivity benefits, further stimulating competitiveness and sustainability, particularly critical for the industrial and commercial sector. Further, the implementation of industry 4.0 solutions can enable new data-driven business models across the value chain, with new opportunities for several stakeholders across the value chain beyond the product as prevailing paradigm of value creation, opening new forms of platforms for collaboration (e.g. in Germany) and enabling further processes of innovation and transformation in industrial production. Clearly, there are strategic fields of action representing crucial conditions for a successful implementation of industry 4.0, namely autonomy, interoperability and sustainability that should be carefully addressed in a roadmap driving industrial transformation for Australian businesses. For this reason, our team aims at investigating a number of key aspects of I4.0, including review of I4.0 solutions (intended as a blend of technologies and related services), barriers to and opportunities for business transformation, productivity benefits from the implementation of I4.0, and regulatory framework and business models, providing a roadmap for business and market transformation in this RACE stream.


Trianni, A, Bennett, N, Cantley-Smith, R, Cheng, C-T, Dunstall, S, Hasan, ASMM, Katic, M, Leak, J, Lindsay, D, Pears, A, Wheatland, FT, White, S & Zeichner, F 2024, 'Industry 4.0 for Energy Productivity: Insights and Future Perspective for Australia' in Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing: Establishing Bridges for More Sustainable Manufacturing Systems, Springer Nature Switzerland, pp. 547-554.
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Trianni, A, Bennett, N & Lindsay, D Aus Industry Cooperative Research Centres Program 2022, Industry 4.0 for energy productivity – Opportunity Assessment for Research Theme B2, Final Report, no. Project Code: 21.B2.A.0229, Sydney, Australia.

FOR Codes: Industrial engineering, Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing, Environmentally sustainable manufacturing activities