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Adapting a tool to measure the experience of care in people with serious illness in the Australian hospital setting.

Project Member(s): Luckett, T., Virdun, C., Phillips, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology

Start year: 2021

Summary: Aim: To test the feasibility and acceptability of Saunders et al’s4 brief palliative care outcome measure within the Australian context for inpatients with palliative care needs, their families and the acute care team. Design: Mixed methods project Participants and settings: Inpatients with palliative care needs (those with a likely prognosis of roughly 12 months or less) and their family members; and clinicians, hospital executives and quality management personnel. Data collection: • Content and face validity of the new outcome measurement tool: We want to hear their perspectives about this tool to explore face and content validity and acceptability/interpretability of wording for an Australian audience. We also want to understand how patients with palliative care needs and their family members would like to see this sort of measure administered within the hospital setting. • Secondly, we want to work with clinicians, hospital executives and quality management personnel to understand their perspectives on barriers and facilitators to routinely implementing a measure of this kind for quality improvement purposes and whether they view this tool as providing actionable data to inform change.

FOR Codes: Palliative Care