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Additively manufactured 5G millimetre-wave mobile antenna-in-package with Dynamically-steered beams

Project Member(s): Yang, Y.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NanoDimensions (Nano Dimension LTD)
NanoDimensions (Nano Dimension LTD)

Start year: 2022

Summary: The project aims to build a new class of multi-beam antenna-in-package designs to advance the knowledge for next generation (5G) mobile devices. Compact and low-cost 3D printed antenna arrays will be delivered to circumvent the limitations of today’s mobile antennas which are usually bulky and not compatible with future ultra-fast wireless communications. The proposed antenna arrays should be easily integrated into mobile devices linking billions of high-speed wireless systems in a dynamic environment. New antenna prototypes with multiple dynamically-steered beams will be created for emerging intelligent and immersive technologies, e.g. unmanned vehicles, ultra-low latency virtual reality, smart cities and seamless telepresence on the move.


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Li, M, Yang, Y, Iacopi, F & Nulman, J 1970, 'Additively Manufactured Multi-Layer Bandpass Filter Based on Vertically Integrated Composite Right and Left Handed Resonator', 2021 IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC), 2021 IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC), IEEE, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 175-177.
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FOR Codes: Communication Equipment, Health, Manufacturing, Antennas and propagation, Wireless communication systems and technologies (incl. microwave and millimetrewave), Computer, electronic and communication equipment