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Digital twin of reinforced concrete bridges for intelligent asset management

Project Member(s): Li, Y.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Smartcrete CRC
Smartcrete CRC

Start year: 2023

Summary: Road Bridges are life-line infrastructure providing service to the community. Current bridge asset management at network level utilise data-driven models derived from level 2 visual inspections for bridge deterioration prediction, while load rating assessment is conducted on specific bridges using as-built drawings or limited monitoring when required. We will create a proof of concept for a digital twin of concrete girder bridges which form 60% of the network in Australia through integration of 3D visualisation, deep learning algorithms for crack identification, IoT, sensor/NDT and laser technologies and advanced numerical modelling. Outcome will deliver a digital solution for optimised bridge asset management enhancing safety at a reduced cost.


Ma, X, Li, Y, Yang, Z, Li, S & Li, Y 2024, 'Lightweight network for millimeter-level concrete crack detection with dense feature connection and dual attention', Journal of Building Engineering, vol. 94, pp. 109821-109821.
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FOR Codes: Road safety, Building management and services, Infrastructure engineering and asset management, Structural engineering , Construction engineering