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Developing Covid-19 Aware and transparent pharma supply chain system underpinned by advanced AI and software engineering methods

Project Member(s): Saberi, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: EZYMED PTY LTD
Investment NSW (COVID-19 TechVouchers)
Investment NSW (COVID-19 TechVouchers)

Start year: 2022

Summary: This project has two main aims, namely, (i) Developing contactless, transparent and smart pharma supply chain system and (ii) Developing Covid Medication Management for aged care facilities. The first aim guarantees the effective operation of Ezymed in the current uncertain environment. The post- Covid 19 impact is yet to be realized with the expectation of various mental health issues which is especially challenging for aged care facilities with the most at-risk residents, the elderly. The transparent chain will improve the monitoring of this cohort of patient's needs in a collaborative manner. The new supply chain will be augmented by intelligent process mining, advanced software engineering, and visualization methods with the ultimate goal of developing more contactless and transparent supply chain processes. The second aim assist the aged care facilities for automating, delivering, and calling out an action to analyse and assess across Covid medication management area

FOR Codes: Health, Business information systems, Artificial intelligence