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NSW RAAP - ARC ITRP Nutrients in a Circular Economy (NiCE) Hub

Project Member(s): Vigneswaran, S., Shon, H., Phuntsho, S., Jacobs, B., Fam, D.


Start year: 2022

Summary: The NiCE Hub requests two research associates. Early career researchers appointed to these positions will be given excellent opportunities to contribute to industry-focussed research that will transform the wastewater industry and build a nutrient circular economy. A research associate will be appointed and part of the salary is requested from the RAAP co-investment ($75,000) at UTS NSW over four years. The research associate will be engaged at the Sydney node and will be critical to the planning, design, installation and demonstration of an up-scaled urine-processing technology at UTS. The research associate will also actively collaborate with other chief investigators from Western Sydney University and partners investigators from CMS Innovations, origin water, City of Sydney and Sydney Royal Botanic Garden in the study to conduct fertiliser optimisation and test application of the produced fertiliser for fertigation of urban vertical gardens, roof top gardens, public park garden and hydroponic urban farming. The RAAP funding is also sought to support a Hub Manager with partial contributions ($75,000) over four years. The Hub Manager will require advanced project management skills, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. The Hub Manager will be critical for providing essential support in managing the day-to-day functioning of the Hub in Sydney. Key tasks will include coordinating engagement between partner investigators and chief investigators, and liaison with all the NiCE Hub organisations. The Hub Manager will also explore new business development opportunities in Sydney NSW that may arise as the research progresses.


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FOR Codes: Wastewater treatment processes, Water recycling services (incl. sewage and greywater)