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Google - Circuit Certification

Project Member(s): Bremner, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Google LLC
Google LLC

Start year: 2022

Summary: Michael Bremner will collaborate with Google researchers in technical discussions regarding the links between combinatorial structures, randomness, and the emergence and demonstration of beyond classical computation. This will involve research into the complexity of structured versus randomized quantum circuits and the relationship between the complexity of circuit certification and beyond classical computation. Michael Bremner will collaborate with Google researchers to examine the cost of simulation of these circuits varies with a range of complexity parameters and the error associated with the simulation. Michael Bremner will collaborate with Google researchers to document and communicate these findings by contributing to the drafting of manuscripts for publication in peer reviewed scientific journals. The full scope of work will iterate and evolve over the course of the Research Term. As of the SOW Effective Date, other than general research intended for publication in areas of interest to Google and Michael Bremner as described in this SOW, the parties do not contemplate any specific timelines around any specific project or area of interest.

FOR Codes: Quantum computation, Application software packages