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Reejig skill & CV data analytics with data science techniques

Project Member(s): Liu, W., Chen, F., Yu, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Reejig Pty Ltd
Reejig Pty Ltd

Start year: 2021

Summary: This research project package 1 will develop machine learning methods that are able to analyze a CV, extract the desired information, and insert the information into a database with a unique entry for each candidate. Specifically, each block of information in the CV needs to be given a label and sorted into the correct category, whether that's education, work history, or contact information. Besides accurate parsing, the project also aims to achieve high parsing efficiency when sorting through large quantities of applications to identify the best applicants. The current project will focus on CVs in English, however in future explorations other languages used in CVs will be considered as well. The second package will incorporate skill related data from multiple data sources, including job description, training requirement, and certificates achieved to identify the relationship and dependencies between different skills. Specifically, a special purpose dataset will be built which incorporates the existing job description data from the industry, trainings conducted and skill assets that have registered in the human resource database.

FOR Codes: Information Services not elsewhere classified, Information systems development methodologies and practice, Pattern recognition, Information services