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Evaluation and Improvement of the Robot Systems for Assisting Hip Replacement

Project Member(s): Huang, S., Zhao, L.

Funding or Partner Organisation: PMSW Research Pty Ltd
PMSW Research Pty Ltd

Start year: 2022

Summary: This project aims to further evaluated and improve the robot burring system and the robot reaming system developed during the previous project with PMSW that use a burring device and a reamer connected with a UR robot to cut hemispheres in sawbones. The objective of this project is to further evaluate the systems using cadaver tests and improve the systems such that it can be used in a setup close to the real operation. Furthermore, a navigation system will be developed based on an Electromagnetic system such that the correct relative position between the femur and the pelvis can be maintained and visualised during the process of the hip replacement surgery.

FOR Codes: Medical robotics, Autonomous and robotic systems