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Intelligent Real-time Monitoring of Layer Flock Behaviour and Welfare

Project Member(s): Zhang, J., Wu, Q.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Eggs RDC (Australian Egg Corporation Limited)
Australian Eggs RDC (Australian Egg Corporation Limited)

Start year: 2022

Summary: This project is timely for the Australian egg industry; good hen welfare is critical for consumer acceptance and for egg quality and yield. The team completed project 31HS102UT, and this stage 2 project extends the individual bird identifier to monitor flock behaviours. The video technology will help egg farms to accurately record and measure animal welfare from massive data, with a view to timely recognise and intervene on negative behaviours and enhance positive behaviours. Our simple to use and interpret system will encourage egg producers to use the technology. The production benefits will provide further incentive to engage with the technology.

FOR Codes: Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Pattern recognition