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Climate Change Learning Partnership, Water for Women 2022 [21244]

Project Member(s): Willetts, J., Kohlitz, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: GHD Pty Ltd
GHD Pty Ltd

Start year: 2021

Summary: As the Fund moves towards a transition period with a greater focus on climate-resilient WASH systems, communities and infrastructure across the Fund portfolio, and stronger alignment with DFAT’s Climate Change Action Strategy, the Fund is seeking to enter into a dedicated Climate Change Learning Partnership with an existing Fund partner, or consortium of partners. The role of the Partner/s would be to advance the understanding of climate resilient WASH as part of the Learning Agenda within the Fund, leading and coordinating the development of a strengthened evidence base for inclusive climate-resilient WASH, working closely with other interested Fund partners and drawing on the Fund’s collective knowledge and learning from across the Asia Pacific region. Priority topics for exploration will be explored with partners early in 2022 as part of the design phase. These would build on the Fund climate change mapping and synthesis work already undertaken as part of the climate change Learning Agenda initiative (CC01) led by ISF and contributed to by numerous partners. The Climate Change Vignette Report summarising this work, to be released in late November 2021, will also provide important background. Future work also needs to consider activities being explored as part of the Innovation and Impact Grants as well as any related work currently, or planned to be, implemented by Fund partners. It is important that any work undertaken in the Fund complements existing activities within and beyond the Fund and continues to deliver further evidence for practically delivering climate resilient WASH and supporting climate adaptation within the sector. Work should also align with that of the WASH Reference Group and any related work being undertaken by the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership (APCP), Australian Water Partnership (AWP) and others, also considering interlinkages with WRM/water governance.

FOR Codes: Development studies, International aid and development