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Prodigy Platform Analytics and Nakatomi Computer Vision

Project Member(s): Ou, Y., Liang, B., Chen, F.

Funding or Partner Organisation: 44th Move Pty Ltd
44th Move Pty Ltd

Start year: 2021

Summary: The Services to the Client during the period will include the application of Data Scientist and Data Analyst capabilities to explore solutions to answer the following six questions: Question 1: What is my store’s market share and why? Question 2: What marketing interventions are likely to work in my store? Question 3: What drives customer traffic to my store? Question 4: What do my return customers want to buy? Question 5: What are the best companion products for me to offer customers? Question 6: Who are my current customers? This project also involves the development of a proof of concept system powered by machine learning and computer vision technologies.

FOR Codes: Data engineering and data science, Data mining and knowledge discovery, Computer vision, Information systems, Artificial intelligence