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Anisotropic single-particle transducers

Funding: 2023: $112,691
2024: $143,343
2025: $137,911
2026: $17,973

Project Member(s): Lin, G.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC DECRA Scheme)
Australian Research Council (ARC DECRA Scheme)

Start year: 2023

Summary: The project aims to tackle a major challenge in techniques that manipulate tiny particles – increasing the performance of transducer devices that convert magnetic forces to mechanical movement. It will centre on interactions on the surface of particular particles, bypassing a known scientific limit. Expected outcomes include a fundamental understanding of key factors that have recently been shown to enhance magnetic responsivity and efficient mechanical manipulation and sensing in a magnetic field. The project outcomes will benefit developers by, for example, advanced nanoscale devices for robotics, sensing and molecular bioassays; controlling biophysical processes; and fundamental mechanobiology research.

FOR Codes: Micro- and nanosystems, Expanding knowledge in the physical sciences, Scientific instruments, Expanding knowledge in engineering