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Evaluation of the Early Stage Breast Cancer Bundle Pilot Program

Project Member(s): Wise, S., Hall, J., Yu, S., Van Gool, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: GenesisCare Ventures Pty Ltd
GenesisCare Ventures Pty Ltd

Start year: 2022

Summary: There are ongoing concerns that Australia’s fee-for-service payment system leads to fragmented and uncoordinated care particularly in complex treatment pathways such as cancer care. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that the costs faced by patients for health care is leading to issues of affordability and potential barriers to care. The University of Western Australia (UWA) and GenesisCare have designed a bundle of care for patients (the Bundle) to address these problems. The Bundle packages up a range of services , including a dedicated Patient Navigator, for women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer for the first 12 months post diagnosis and sets a fixed maximum out-of-pocket cost. CHERE understands that GenesisCare is seeking an independent consultant to undertake an evaluation of the pilot Early Stage Breast Cancer Bundle program. The evaluation will play a key role in informing wider policy development, funding and service models and contribute to the evidence base of breast cancer care reform. Primary Objectives • To evaluate the patient and provider preferences for the Bundle, compared to standard funding arrangements for early-stage breast cancer treatment pathways. • To evaluate the financial sustainability of the Bundle for future expansion. Secondary Objectives • To evaluate the impact of the Bundle’s dedicated Patient Navigator on the care coordination experience of patients and providers. • To understand the role of out-of-pocket costs in treatment choices for early-stage breast cancer. • To explore differences in the service use, and clinical and patient reported outcomes of patients that utilize a Bundle program compared to other early-stage breast cancer treatment pathways.


Zissiadis, Y, Driver, A, Forsyth, N, Wise, S, Schultz, J, Ives, A & Saunders, C 2023, 'Breast Cancer Bundle of Care: a pilot study'.

FOR Codes: Health system performance (incl. effectiveness of programs), Health services and systems, Health economics