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Cooling SmallSats - Thermal lattice metamaterial technology

Project Member(s): Luo, Z., Clemon, L., Bennett, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Investment NSW (Space Research Network)
Investment NSW (Space Research Network)

Start year: 2022

Summary: This project will develop advanced microlattice thermal metamaterials to tackle the current challenge in efficiently dissipating heat generated from the GPUs of high-performing computers that are onboard SmallSats.


Larpruenrudee, P, Bennett, NS, Luo, Z, Fitch, R, Sauret, E & Islam, MS 2023, 'A novel design for faster hydrogen storage: A combined semi-cylindrical and central return tube heat exchanger', Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 71, pp. 108018-108018.
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Li, Z, Gao, W, Kessissoglou, N, Oberst, S, Wang, MY & Luo, Z 2023, 'Multifunctional mechanical metamaterials with tunable double-negative isotropic properties', Materials & Design, vol. 232, pp. 112146-112146.
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FOR Codes: Numerical modelling and mechanical characterisation, Expanding knowledge in engineering