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Impact of diet on the brain, body, and microbiome

Funding: 2022: $66,000
2023: $67,500
2024: $60,000
2022: $66,000
2023: $67,500
2024: $60,000

Project Member(s): Kendig, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)
Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2022

Summary: Dietary habits determine cognitive function, metabolism and the composition of the gut microbiome. This project seeks to clarify the role of the gut microbiome in diet-induced changes to cognition. It aims to do so through longitudinal studies of cognitive function in which dietary patterns are systematically varied, and intervention studies where cognition is tested after experimentally manipulating the gut microbiome. Expected outcomes include new interdisciplinary knowledge spanning psychology, neuroscience, nutrition and metabolism. This project is timely given the enormous shifts in Australian dietary choices. The knowledge to be gained should provide benefits to individual and public health, agriculture, and food systems.

FOR Codes: Biological psychology , Animal cell and molecular biology, Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences, Expanding knowledge in psychology, Nutrition