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Enabling Resilient Space Computing with Advanced Thermal Management

Project Member(s): Bennett, N., Islam, M., Luo, Z.

Funding or Partner Organisation: SmartSat CRC Limited (SmartSat CRC)
SmartSat CRC Limited (SmartSat CRC)
Mawson Rovers Pty Ltd
Mawson Rovers Pty Ltd

Start year: 2023

Summary: This project seeks funding from the CRC to support launch costs associated with a technology demonstration as part of the Waratah Seed CubeSat mission. The fundamental science to support the technology will be carried out through a parallel SRN project (PRO22-14540). This new proposal focusses on the necessary additional work required to ready the technology for launch into low-Earth orbit.

FOR Codes: Basic metal products, Aerospace transport, Satellite, space vehicle and missile design and testing, Aerospace materials, Additive manufacturing , Experimental methods in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer