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Bondi Bio CRC Project - Processing & extraction of carotenoids from cyanobacteria

Project Member(s): Ralph, P., Pernice, M., Mondal, A., Kuzhiumparambil, U.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Bondi Bio Pty Ltd (BONDI BIOWORKS PTY LTD)
Marine Bioproducts CRC
Marine Bioproducts CRC

Start year: 2022

Summary: Background: Bondi has developed enhanced carotenoid-producing cyanobacteria. UTS C3 has relevant equipment & technical expertise for processing. Bondi is co-located within UTS & the parties have a history of collaboration. Market drivers: Retailers of carotenoid products (market valued at over USD1bn in 2019) expect to take delivery of dried & extracted products. Objective: Assess, develop & optimise efficient processes for extracting carotenoids from cyanobacteria. Research approach: Collaborative work will see Bondi provide dewatered biomass of its engineered strains & access to HPLC analytics; UTS will provide disruption, drying & extraction equipment. Both parties will provide staff with appropriate technical expertise. Potential value/priority: This work is critical to Bondi’s commercialisation. Developing this expertise within Australia will also boost the marine bioproducts industry & findings are likely to be relevant to other microorganisms & products, beyond the USD1bn carotenoid market.

FOR Codes: Environmentally sustainable manufacturing activities, Environmental biotechnology