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Developing Rapid Strip Test for SPINT1 detection

Project Member(s): Wen, S., Fu, L.

Funding or Partner Organisation: University of Melbourne (The University of Melbourne)
University of Melbourne (The University of Melbourne)

Start year: 2022

Summary: Creation of a highly sensitive strip testing method for the detection of SPINT1.


Maleki, R, Fu, L, Diaz, RS, GuimarĂ£es, FEG, Cabral-Marques, O, Cabral-Miranda, G & Sadraeian, M, 'Reducing the Immunogenicity of Pulchellin A-Chain, Ribosome-Inactivating Protein Type 2, by Computational Protein Engineering for Potential New Immunotoxins', J, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 85-101.
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FOR Codes: Nanobiotechnology, Biomedical engineering, Medical biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors), Expanding knowledge in the biomedical and clinical sciences, Expanding knowledge in engineering, Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences