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Sustainable Sensing, Enhanced Connectivity, and Data Analytics for Precision Urban and Rural Agriculture

Project Member(s): Shariati Moghadam, N., Keshavarz, R., Lipman, J., Abolhasan, M., Franklin, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Food Agility CRC Limited (Food Agility CRC)
Food Agility CRC Limited (Food Agility CRC)

Start year: 2023

Summary: With the rapid growth in the world population, there is an increasing demand for food production. This demand is placing tremendous pressure on primary producers to develop new techniques to ramp up food production while maintaining safety and quality. The solution to achieving production growth at scale is through automation and process efficiency, which can only be achieved through a well-designed IoT and CPS. This project will focus on sensor technology innovations as a fundamental part of a CPS. While Recent advances in modern sensors appear unlimited, there are a number of constraints associated with connectivity, accuracy, durability, cost, maintenance, environmental pollution and battery dependency. These constraints are significant shortcomings for industry and end users (e.g. farmers). This project will explore four fundamental streams that encompass the constraints: Power, Sensing, Connectivity and Data Analytics . These streams are of paramount importance for the effective usage and deployment of cyber-physical system (CPS) in agriculture systems.

FOR Codes: Communication technologies, systems and services not elsewhere classified, Wireless communication systems and technologies (incl. microwave and millimetrewave), Data engineering and data science, Antennas and propagation, Energy generation, conversion and storage (excl. chemical and electrical), Radio frequency engineering