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Foragecaster - Planning Sprint

Project Member(s): Liu, W., Ramp, D., Lee, T., Wang, S., Chen, F., Wang, Y., Tian, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: AGRIWEBB PTY LTD (Agriwebb CRC)
Food Agility CRC Limited (Food Agility CRC)
Food Agility CRC Limited (Food Agility CRC)

Start year: 2023

Summary: This project represents a 6-month sprint to collect data and test techniques to be used to draft a new 2.5 - 3 yr project. Additional A/C#1000046 issued - TDI, 1033595 FEIT - Foragecaster - Planning Sprint - Prof Daniel Ramp - 28k - End Date 30-07-2023 (org#343090) (CI#113573).

FOR Codes: Artificial intelligence, Agricultural systems analysis and modelling, Environmentally sustainable animal production