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Determining Structural Behaviour and Mechanical Characteristics of BlueDeck Profiled Steel Sheeting for Use in Composite Flooring Systems

Project Member(s): Nejadi, S., Far, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: FTI Group Pty Ltd
FTI Group Pty Ltd

Start year: 2022

Summary: BlueDeck profiled steel sheeting system is a rigid permanent metal decking form-work for simplifying the construction of suspended concrete slabs. It’s made in Australian manufacturing facility from high-tensile steel and offers high spanning capabilities. The durable galvanized finish creates a neat, clean, low-maintenance ceiling finish. BlueDeck is the ideal solution for various applications including car-parks, office buildings, hospitals, and deep beam style slabs. Since BlueDeck is a new product, the structural behaviuor and mechanical characteristics of the product are still unknown. In this research project, a series of comprehensive experimental tests will be carried out to determine the Shear connection for composite action as well as four-point tests for determining the flexural capacity of the full-scale floors. In addition, the numerical investigation into the structural behaviuor of the full-scale flooring system will be performed using FE simulation.

FOR Codes: Civil engineering, Construction materials performance and processes