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Identifying a global health/public health research agenda for self-care in chronic disease: A transdisciplinary, multi-sectoral global summit

Project Member(s): Adams, J., Steel, A., Peng, W.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Worldwide Universities Network (WUN Research Development Fund)
Worldwide Universities Network (WUN Research Development Fund)

Start year: 2023

Summary: We propose a 12-month program to identify, promote and progress a global health/public health research agenda on self-care in chronic illness. Self-care - the ability of individuals and communities to promote and maintain health, prevent disease and cope with illness with or without health-care provider support - has farreaching challenges and opportunities for health practice, policy and equity. Yet, research is yet to catch up. There is no coordinated or pronounced global health/public health research agenda on this topic and our extensive WUN team/institutions and related colleagues provide a unique capacity (expertise and resources) to lead/advance scholarship and real-life change in this area. Our program directly addresses a critial gap, producing a roadmap for research on self-care in chronic illness across low-to-mid-to-high income countries. Following initial online summit preparations and planning (1-5 months), the program will focus upon a face-to-face global research summit (to be held in London 6 months into program) bringing together transdisciplinary academic/non-academic experts to co-design a global research agenda for progressing thinking and empirical work on this critical topic. Summit will also identify various priority research projects to be refined/prepared (7-12 months) (including ethics approval) and then ultimately to be undertaken by project team beyond 12-month program outlined here. These later investigations, prepared in latter half of our program, will draw upon existing resources (chronic back pain and stroke survivorship databases/cohort studies at UTS) as well as expertise and track records across our WUN-led team and institutions. Outcome of program and summit will include co-authored White paper, academic publication and disseminating summit insights/outputs for a range of key audiences. Summit outcomes will also form platform for larger national and international grant applications by team.

FOR Codes: Public health (excl. specific population health), Primary care, Public health, Patient safety