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Lateral load resisting capacity evaluation for seismic restraints of mechanical services

Project Member(s): Far, H., Rasekh, H., Mortazavi, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Trustee for Blitz Systems Unit Trust (Blitz Systems)
The Trustee for Blitz Systems Unit Trust (Blitz Systems)

Start year: 2023

Summary: BLITZ Systems is a Newcastle based construction hardware supplier. They provide series of cable and HVAC support systems that aim to accelerate on-site installation procedures. These technologies significantly cut the time required to install, minimising on-site labour costs, reduce materials and supply expenses, and eliminating on-site frustration. Due to recent changes in Australian standards for design of structures against Earthquake loads (AS 1170.4), non-structural components including mechanical services must be designed for earthquake forces. Therefore, BLITZ Systems products need to be tested in order to verify the capacity to take lateral forces. This project involves providing consultations and testing some of their products as listed later in this proposal.

FOR Codes: Structural engineering , Structural dynamics, Civil construction design, Residential construction design, Civil construction planning, Residential construction planning