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Erasmus Global Mobility 2022

Project Member(s): Kandasamy, J., Nguyen, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: European Commission (Erasmus)
European Commission (Erasmus)

Start year: 2022

Summary:  Since 2019, NMBU is coordinating a network project funded by the EU’s Joint Water Partnership Initiative on “Closing the Water Cycle Gap with Harmonised Actions for Sustainable Management of Water Resources”. This project harmonises good global practices of sound and smart water management concepts that address emerging challenges and mobilise stakeholders to close the water cycle gap. The project partnership includes 10 universities and 2 industries from 10 countries, where UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) joins as an Australian partner with its own funds. The grant provides funding for research, innovation and dissemination activities; however, it does not include any funding to involve students and carry out student mobility. Considering the importance of research-based educational activities reflected in the NMBU’s strategy, it is necessary to foster mobility and facilitate the development of students’ R&D competence that they will be able to bring into a professional career. NMBU’s water group has extended collaboration with UTS during the last year with several research publications, one research stay funded by NMBU and is involved in an ongoing Erasmus Global mobility activity, which will be implemented in April- July 2022 (delayed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions).

FOR Codes: Water and waste services, Wastewater treatment processes, Water treatment processes