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SmartSat HDR: High Performance Beam Steering Antenna Systems for SpaceApplicationsWideband

Project Member(s): Esselle, K., Thalakotuna, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: SmartSat CRC Limited (SmartSat CRC)
SmartSat CRC Limited (SmartSat CRC)

Start year: 2023

Summary: Due to the fast-growing requirements for high data rate wireless communication networks, the telecom sector concentrates on highperformance satellite network-based communication systems in millimeter wave frequency bands. The adverse weather conditions harshly affect the mm-Wave communication methods. Especially this spectrum of waves from satellites suffers from huge propagation losses in space by raindrops, flakes of snow, etc. So by deploying highly directional antennas, the propagation loss caused by the environment will be minimized. Moreover, for commercial satellite applications antenna systems should be small in size and low profile, circular polarizable, impedance matching, high gain and bandwidth, frequency reconfigurable, and beam steering. Beam scanning is achievable through mechanical or electronic scanning methods. The mechanically steerable antenna is comparatively larger in size, and not suitable with the compact LEO satellites. The phased array antenna technology enhances system performance like gain enhancement, interference cancellation, radiation pattern formation, and radiation beam steering over a broad range. On the other hand, using metasurfaces performance of the antenna enhances, and reduces the cost. Deploying reconfigurable metasurfaces-based antenna improve the performance of the antennas through gain, bandwidth, multi-band operation, and polarization, hence reducing the overall size, bit error rate, and link budget of the overall system. Thereby deploying these antennas will minimize the satellite size and cost, and we can easily implement applications like inter-satellite links, Inflight connectivity, connectivity of ships in the deep ocean, connectivity on a train or bus, and connectivity on military vehicles by using compact commercial satellites budget-friendly.

FOR Codes: Mobile technologies and communications, Satellite technologies, networks and services, Satellite communications, Antennas and propagation