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Advanced Navigation: Live Mapping

Project Member(s): Ranasinghe, R., Kodagoda, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: ADVANCED NAVIGATION PTY. LTD. (Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd)
ADVANCED NAVIGATION PTY. LTD. (Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd)

Start year: 2023

Summary: The objective of this research project is to develop methodologies and AI algorithms to generate a map of an outdoor environment from images acquired through a downward looking camera(s) mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle. Part of the idea is to generate or improve the quality of the map when images are missing or aren’t yet captured. The core technology is being researched, developed and designed in collaboration with Advanced Navigation. During mapping missions, multiple overlapping stereo images are collected as the UAV flies along a flight path. UAV’s state information (attitude and altitude) fused with GPS information will be used to estimate UAV location. UTS will look into generating maps using incoming images faster than the existing mapping technologies by effectively utilising the available state information and advanced optimisation libraries.

FOR Codes: Autonomous and robotic systems, Control engineering, mechatronics and robotics