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Super Supplement - Boosting coral resilience through nutritional subsidies

Project Member(s): Doble, P., Camp, E., Matthews, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Coral Research and Development Accelerator Platform
Coral Research and Development Accelerator Platform

Start year: 2024

Summary: The global decline of coral reefs may be mitigated by enhancing natural capacities to tolerate stress. Our multi-national, multi-disciplinary team comprising of coral scientists, medical biologists, analytical chemists, leading aquaculture industry specialists and coral restoration practitioners, propose to unite our knowledge to customise a nutritional “super supplement” to elevate the resilience of corals at crucial life history states. We unite 50+ years of experience and propose to exploit published and innovative proof-of-concept findings to demonstrate the utility of customized nutritional supplements for supporting coral health and fitness during periods of stress.

FOR Codes: Environmental rehabilitation and restoration, Rehabilitation or conservation of marine environments