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Advanced Sustainable Soil Stabilization and Foundation Composite for Deep Seaport

Project Member(s): Nguyen, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Oriental Consultants Global
Oriental Consultants Global

Start year: 2024

Summary: This project aims to improve understanding of various advanced and sustainable technologies for soil stabilization and foundation that are being applied at the top world largest seaport namely Pantimban (2018-2027, worth $US 3.3 billion). The coastal soil in Java Island (Indonesia) is composed of a super thick layer of soft to very soft clay (>20m depth), causing unprecedented challenges to foundation design of the deep seaport. Three eco-friendly and cost-effective novel solutions were hence proposed, (i) cement pipe mixing (CPM) combined with the conventional cement deep mixing (CDM); (ii) bamboos pile foundation; and (iii) large and long steel pipe piles. While the first stage of this project showed great successes of these technologies considering both geotechnical and environmental values, yet considerable issues that occurred during field-scale applications still require further investigations. Through a series of design reviews and site investigations on the complete and ongoing implementations, this research project will not only clarify those issues accompanied with valuable outcomes, but also generate guideline documents for future applications. The project will bring mammoth impacts to geotechnical community worldwide as it will for the first-time release extremely scarce data of the 3 novel soil stabilization/foundation technologies based on well-instrumented field tests and theoretical considerations, giving tremendous values to design practice while promoting UTS research strength and reputation.

FOR Codes: Civil construction design, Civil construction processes, Civil geotechnical engineering