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E-band Power Amplifiers for HAPS and LEO Satcom Links

Project Member(s): Zhu, X.

Funding or Partner Organisation: SmartSat CRC Limited (SmartSat CRC)
SmartSat CRC Limited (SmartSat CRC)

Start year: 2023

Summary: Altum RF has designed several prototype E-band (71 to 86 GHz) power amplifiers for high data rate (>10 Gbps) satellite communications. E-band radios are used increasingly for high data rate satellite backhaul in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations and are expected to be used as feeder links for High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) operating in the stratosphere. The following technical article gives a good overview of the technology and prospects for E-band radio in this application: The latest prototype E-band amplifiers designed by Altum RF are currently being fabricated and will be evaluated in late 2022 and early 2023. Altum RF is engaged with several Satcom customers who are interested in these products.

FOR Codes: Microelectronics, EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE