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3D Printed Self-Deployable Antenna Arrays for CubeSat Applications

Project Member(s): Yang, Y., Esselle, K., Thalakotuna, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Investment NSW (Space Research Network)
Investment NSW (Space Research Network)

Start year: 2023

Summary: The project, for the first time, proposes a novel concept of 3D printed CubeSat antennas, using light-weight shape-memory-alloy (SMA) for motor-free in-space actuations of antenna arrays, including expansion (after launching), contraction (in-space maintenance) and attitude control (satellite communications and objects tracking). The objectives include: (1) A study of 3D printing SMA and its applications to antenna designs, (2) Antenna design using emerging 3D printed SMA, (3) Verification of antenna attitude control (lab environment). The proposed antennas are motor-free and significant in on-demand manufacturing by reducing scrap materials and payload.

FOR Codes: Satellite communications, Antennas and propagation, Additive manufacturing , Satellite technologies, networks and services