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BlueScope: Project Emily Masterplan - Current Site Ecology Opportunities

Project Member(s): Murray, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: BlueScope Steel Limited (BlueScope Steel Ltd)
BlueScope Steel Limited (BlueScope Steel Ltd)

Start year: 2023

Summary: Building off initial higher-level level ecological research completed for the Port Kembla vicinity in 2022, The Phyto Lab, UTS proposes to provide deep, expert-level ecological information for the Port Kembla site in collaboration with key stakeholders including BlueScope, BIG, ColonySix and any other relevant parties. This is to support and enhance the Project Emily Masterplan. UTS researchers propose to collect, review, and interpret local-level ecological data in the zones highlighted within the BIG Masterplan. UTS will provide a summary of current-state ecology as well as future ecological opportunities tailored to the site’s profile, in alignment with the in-development Project Emily Masterplan. UTS will also research relevant precedents for native habitat typologies for the parks and open space areas. There are key project deliverables identified below and optional deliverables which may also be provided by UTS. Key Deliverables 1. Review and provide inputs for open space proposals in alignment with the project ambition and direction. 2. Provide references of native habitat typologies to incorporate in park and open spaces. 3. Complete ecological field assessment within areas mapped in BIG Masterplan Phase 2 to provide a map with defined ecological zones with opportunities for preservation and opportunities for regeneration. 4. Provide groups of ecologies and macro zones that can also inform the public spaces.

FOR Codes: Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments, Landscape ecology, Environmental rehabilitation and restoration