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Investigating the synergy of a Lactoferrin-derived peptide Lactofungin and the anti-fungal drug Amphotericin B

Project Member(s): Cranfield, C., Deplazes, E., Hartmann, L.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Institute of Nuclear Science & Engineering (AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING)
Australian Institute of Nuclear Science & Engineering (Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering Post Graduate Research Awards)

Start year: 2023

Summary: As part of my PhD, I seek to utilise neutron reflectometry (NR) and other ANSTO resources to investigate whether 1. Lactofungin (LFG) interacts with 'free' Amphotericin B (AmB) in solution or in the membrane 2. LFG interacts with ergosterol-bound AmB in model membranes 3. the interaction of LFG with AmB differs in ergosterol vs cholesterol containing model membranes 4. LFG derivatives show different results in the settings above The gathered knowledge about the LFG-AmB synergy mechanism is crucial to inform the development of an LFG-based adjuvant drug. I expect to see increased LFG-AmB interaction in ergosterol over cholesterol containing membranes.

FOR Codes: Human pharmaceutical treatments , Biological physics